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Property Investment & Management


  We have partnered with Fifty Shades Developments, a highly skilled development company that deliver reliable and exceptional quality workmanship which means your investments starts appreciating within weeks and not months.

Polish Taxation


We have partnered with leading polish taxation experts, solicitors and accountants to make sure that you are getting the best return on investment at the most efficient tax rates available whilst adhereing to Polish Regulations.

Visa's & Resident Permits


If you would like to visit Poland and check the progress on any of your properties in your Investment Portfolio and require a Visa then we can help complete all the necessary paperwork, offer advice and translation services. We also specialise in acquiring resident permits.

EU Funding


European Union Funding options are highly sought after and we can help access these funds to further boost your Investment Portfolio with the help of skilled professionals in the field completing the paperwork process for you from A to Z,  sourcing funds for Start-Up Businesses, home improvements and Eco-Friendly Developments.